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Parking in Bulgaria

Parking in the center of the major cities in Bulgaria is organized in two parking zones: Blue zone and Green zone

The difference between the two parking zones is the working hours and cost. The parking zones are clearly marked with signs and blue or green lines on the asphalt. The signs are in Bulgarian and English, so please carefully check the parking rules that apply. These rules vary from city to city and so does the number for the SMS.

There are three ways to pay for the parking:

1. Send an SMS to the local parking zone number. This option is only applicable to Bulgarian mobile numbers. The number to be texted with the car’s registration plate number is different for each city and zone, so please refer to the sign for instructions.

2. Purchase a ticket from a parking machine. Parking machines are available in many places, usually around the intersection of streets. The Parking machine allows you to choose the duration of stay and issues a ticket according to the amount that was paid. The parking machines accept coins and card payment. Change is not given. The ticket issued is then placed on the driver’s side behind the windshield for inspection.

3. Download Urbo Parking app. Register your credit or debit card and the car registration plate. Then, the app will use your location and automatically recognize the type of parking zone and cost. www.UrboApp.com

If the above options seem too complicated, there are also paid parking sites, easy to find with Google maps or similar apps.